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Arådalen is a valley west of the Hundshögen mountain (1.371 m) in the southern Oviksfjäll (Oviken mountains) in Jämtland, Sweden. The valley was named after the river Arån which runs in southern direction into the Ljungan. This area was displayed the Arådalen nature reserve in 2006. In this valley, there are the mountain pastures of Västra Arådalen (western Arådalen) and Östra Arådalen (eastern Arådalen). When people talk about the "village" of Arådalen, they habitually mean Västra Arådalen.

Chapel in Arådalen
Arådalen is characterized by the around 130 holiday cottages which are in private possession. In 1895, the first youth hostel from the Swedish tourist association (STF) (Arådalens Turiststation) was built here at the dam lake Angelikasjön. In 1909, today's wanderers' hostel, which welcomes guests during summertime, was built. Close to the youth hostel there is a chapel, built in the 1970s, as well as some small cottages by the Samí people. The youth hostel and the chapel belong to the Swedish church which owns large areas in Arådalen.

STF-youth hostel in Arådalen
As a dead-end street branching off the Fäbodvägen, simoultaneously with the latter, in the years of 1964/1965, a drivable road to Arådalen and to Glen, the Samí-settlement adjoining in the west, was built.

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